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Aluminum Engine Water Cooler Radiator for Honda HM CRE-F 450X 2005-2009

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$165.00 USD
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$165.00 USD
  • Fit for
    Honda CRF 450X 2005-2017;
    Honda HM CRE-F 450X 2005-2009.
  • Quantity: Includes (2) radiators. Left + Right.
  • Core thickness 40mm, cap also included.
  • Rigorous and accelerated cycling tests to ensure product service quality and durability.
  • Accelerated high pressure and temperature flow testing to ensure reliability in operating conditions.
  • Radiator core is thicker than stock radiator for increased cooling and internal coolant passages are 33 per cent wider for improved flow.
  • Billet filler necks, TIG welded tanks and furnace brazed aluminum cores for strength and durability.