Privacy Policy


Personal data safety is important and that’s why we aggregate for protection. This Privacy Policy explains how we utilize personal information we get from you when you register yourself, access our website, engage with us on social media, or make purchases online. However, this 'Cookie Policy' is bound to change anytime. We will notify you in advance so that you are aware of any changes for a better service. You should also be aware that we use cookies to store and access information. Find out more about our use of cookies in the ‘Cookie Policy’ section.


The information at our disposal is the one you directly provide to us when you:
• Visit our website and use your account to buy products.
• When you create an account with us.
• When you make online purchases.
• When you visit our related social media accounts and engage with us.
• When you comment on our products and services or give any reviews. 
• In the event, you contact us via our ‘Contact Us’ page with any queries or complaints.


The information gathered by the use of cookies in your web browser.
• Your comments and reviews.
• Social media username in case you interact with us through social media.
• When you visit our site, we collect information about your device, web browser, time zone, IP address, cookies that are installed on the device you have used to access our site. 
• If you have a web account with us, we will gather your gender, name, billing address, email address, phone number, and encrypted record of your login password.
• We may also obtain information from other third parties like mailing list providers, the information you submit in public forums like social media sites and blogs. 


• We use the ‘Order Information’ that we collect when you place any order through the site such as payment information. We then use this information to process any orders you place using our website.
• To protect our business and your account from fraudsters and other cybercrime activities. We will as well monitor your browsing pattern to help us resolve any problems and protect our site’s integrity.
• We use the information to respond to queries, make refund requests, and complaints.
• To provide and improve our products and services.
• To debug and to identify and repair errors that may cause functionality mishaps.
• To communicate with you about our new products and other services.
• To process payments and to prevent any fraudulent transactions. This also helps to protect our other customers from fraud.


• We take appropriate steps to protect your data.
• We have secured access to all transactional areas of our site “https” technology.
• Your personal data is password-protected and it’s only you who can access it by entering the correct password.
• We carry out penetration testing to check on ways to strengthen security.


• When you post information online such as about a product review on our site and you have enabled it to ‘Public’ option.
• With vendors, consultants, or service providers that perform services for us. These include web-hosting companies, call center services, analytics, mobile marketing, and many more.
• If your actions are inconsistent with our ‘User Agreement’ terms or other policies.
• If you have violated the law and safety of others.


We will keep your data for a period not exceeding 8 years. Your data will be completely deleted at the end of the agreed retention.


• You have absolute rights over your data.
• Free of charge right to access to the personal data that we hold about you.
• To stop us from processing your personal data in various circumstances like if you have withdrawn your consent.
• To correct and modify your personal data when incomplete or incorrect.
• The right to contact us to exercise these rights any time by contacting us through our ‘Contact Us’ page.


We, the company, have the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. You should, therefore, review it frequently to be well acquainted with the changes of any modifications.

Terms & Conditions


The products available for sale on this website are subject to these terms and conditions. Once you place and order for products with us, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions. Note that these terms can be changed any time and hence you will be bound by the then current version. However, your rights are not affected by the laid down terms and conditions.


You promise that you are an adult of over 18 years and have all the legal rights to sign and enter into an agreement. You also agree that you are eligible to use any credit card to purchase products. Likewise, all the information you have provided are true to the best of your knowledge. You as the user, authorize us to perform validation checks with your card issuer.


You agree to indemnify us from any claims, damages, losses, liabilities, or expenses arising due to you breaching these terms and conditions. This will also apply to any other person that you allow to use your shopping account or personal information.


All details and descriptions appearing on this website will be as they should be. However, errors may occur. So in case of any error in the products you have ordered, we will inform you immediately and offer you the option to reconfirm your order at the correct price. You can also opt to cancel your order if you so wish. Also, typos may appear or other inaccuracies and may not reflect the current state of affairs. Hence, we reserve the right to make corrections or possible omissions and update all information without prior notice. It will be our right to refuse to fill an order you have placed based on information on the Service that may have errors or out-of-date information. These include pricing, payment terms, shipping, or return policies. Again we ensure that the image of our products reflects the true color. However, there could be color variation arising from the monitor you use and the color you see on your monitor may not necessarily reflect the true color.


We will ensure that your credit card information is kept secure. However, in the eventuality of any loss arising from unauthorized access by any third party, you should not hold us liable whatsoever.


We will communicate via email once you place an order on this website. You should, therefore, confirm receipt of the order you have sent. Note that we will not accept any order and complete the contract until we have dispatched the products you have ordered. But if any problem arises with your credit card or if we run out of stock and are unable to complete the transaction or accept the contract, we will communicate via phone or email.


Ensure you authorize us to debit our card whenever a payment is made by credit or debit card. Remember we are obliged to cancel your order where payment had not been made in full.


We will not accept any claims after we have released the products to the address specified by you. We will only take responsibility if any injuries are incurred before we release the product to the address. Note that the risk of damage or loss of the product passes to you when delivery is made. See to it that you follow all instructions about the product. We are not liable for any damage or loss when instructions are not followed.


We ensure that any information we place on our website is accurate. However, you will not hold us responsible for any damages or losses incurred by relying on the information. Could be you have misinterpreted it and didn’t follow as we instructed.


You will not hold us liable for any failure or delay to supply your product. You should also not heap blames on us for any defect to the product that may be caused by circumstances beyond our control. For complaints, contact us on our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Cookie Policy


We may use cookies as a tracking technology when you visit our website to help us to customize the site and to improve your experience.
Note that we reserve the right to make any changes to this ‘Cookie Policy’ at any time for any reason. We will, however, alert you whenever we make any changes by updating the date.
You should make an effort to periodically review this Cookie Policy to be apt with all information updates.


HTTP cookies are text files that websites store on the devices of their users. Cookies are used to improve the user experience. However, they may contain personal information about the user and their behavior on the website. Cookies work by remembering information such as shopping cart items, visited sites, among other activities. They are meant to store and recall any information about the user for efficiency in operations. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default. But if you feel it is an infringement to your internet usage, you can choose to set your browser to reject browser cookies. However, the site management will not be able to follow up on which links you have clicked from their site.
Generally, the ‘Help’ function of your browser should have instructional setup to enable your device to accept all cookies. It will also notify you whenever a cookie is issued or when not to receive cookies. Remove cookies will indeed interfere with the functionality or availability of our site services.


Several types of cookies may be used when you visit this website.


These cookies monitor how users reach the website and how they move around once on the site. This type of cookies helps us to know which features are working the best and which ones need improvement.


Advertisers may also place cookies on your computer to display their related products and services that may be of interest to you. These advertisers can then gather information about your visits to the site and hence may decide to alternate the ads that are sent to a specific computer. The cookies will also help to track how often you view an advert.


Without these cookies, the site won’t work properly or even provide certain features and functionalities needed for improvement. They are, generally, “First-party cookies” and could be permanent or temporary on your browser. If you manually disable them in your browser, the overall functionality of the site will be affected.


These cookies are important as they help to identify and to prevent security risks. These cookies are used to authenticate users and to protect user data from any unauthorized individuals.


These cookies may be placed on your computer when you visit sites of competitive companies that run some of the services offered by our company. The parties can then gather and track certain information about you. you can manually